Meltdown's Own Wild Yam Formula


Just a word about Meltdown's wild yam formula. This is my own biochemical composition that is constantly undergoing revision. I only bottle my cream in 1,000 unit lots so I can easily alter the formula if YOU, my, are unhappy with the chemistry in the jar. 

I currently manufacture two different yam creams. Formula 1 contains 6.88 percent Mexican wild yam cream extract. The FDA limit is 7%, so all yam creams on the market in the U.S. have relatively the same amount of this extract. 

This Mexican wild yam has the same molecular structure as the female hormone progesterone. However, in the vegetable state it is inert. So we have to add a reactive agent to make it do its thing. The reactive agent in my yam cream is natural progesterone. This is a soybean product which has more hydrogen ions than the wild yam. 

The natural progesterone is very powerful. The 2 ounce jar has 1.5 percent or 600 milligrams of natural progesterone in it. This is on the low side on purpose. For 85% of my customers it is strong enough. Hormones are potent and you don't want to mess with 'em. Here, too much can harm, not help. 

However, for some people with intractable problems, 1.5 percent is not strong enough. So, Formula 2 contains 2 percent natural progesterone or 900 milligrams per jar. I substituted emu oil for jojoba in this formula to speed absorption. 

Which jar is right for you? If you are in doubt, try Formula 1 first. If you don't experience terrific results in one cycle, step up to Formula 2. 

Neither of my creams has any fragrance. They are in a cold cream base. 

As you know, I sell knowledge. This is really my only product. Here's how I got into the wild yam cream business. 

In 1995 the company that originally devised the wild yam formula approached me to do a joint venture. My TMA test clearly demonstrated prospective wild yam cream users were toxic with copper, the chief cause of menstrual disorders. They wanted to help me sell my test if I would help them sell their cream. 

As the guinea pig, I tried their original beta version, which they purchased from Dr. Betty Kamen. It was wonderful. If it could work on me, a worst case scenario, this cream could surely work for you. I sold hundreds of jars for this company.  

One of my business philosophies is to provide a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee. All you have to do is write me a letter with your return so I know why you were unhappy with my product. This provides a strong reality check for me.  

Over the course of 18 months, I received 33% of this cream back. Why? Because it had fragrance. So, I went to the company and asked them to make a cream without fragrance. When they refused, I found a cosmetics laboratory here in Dallas, in the shadow of Texas Stadium, and began to work with its chemists on my own formula. 

My own wild yam cream became available in October, 1996. I've had one return since then. (Reason: It worked too well!) Formula 2 appeared in May, 1997. 

U.S. federal law will not allow me to resell an open jar. But if you are unhappy, I refund your money cheerfully and slather the stuff on myself. I love it! 

If you have any questions about my product, please call the Meltdown wild yam hotline at 1-800-687-9531. It's option 2.



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