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My Horrible Payback For Getting
My Biochemistry Out of Whack

Have you tried every diet and still made no dent in your fat thighs or tummy? Do you work out six days a week but still continue to tip the Toledoes?  

Frustrating, isn't it? Your lack of results has nothing to so with power, calorie counts, determination or desire. The answer is scientific: 

You can't lose weight if your biochemistry is out of balance. It is impossible to lose any significant amount of weight permanently if your biochemistry is not in balance. You must first return to biochemical equilibrium before the weight melts away. 

When that happens, you can recalibrate your metabolism -- through diet and exercise -- to burn fat at its most efficient rate. Burning deep into your fat stores will cause you to lose weight and look much, much better.
Specifically, you can not raise your metabolic rate if six critical body nutrients are out of balance. 

With two Ivy League degrees, I shouldn't be admitting my stupidity in public. But 99 percent of my inability to lose weight was my fault. I just assumed I knew what to do and how to eat. However, after I learned the complexities of the body's biochemistry, I discovered I was actually doing everything incorrectly, gastronomically speaking. 

There's only one scientific weight loss formula. Here it is once again: You cannot lose weight if your biochemistry is out of balance. Generally, by the time we become adults, we have too much of some basic nutrients yet way too little of others, Until your body returns to biochemical equilibrium, it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to shed those unwanted pounds. Your physiology won't allow it. 

More specifically, you cannot lose weight if six critical body nutrients are out of balance. Calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium and potassium must be in their ideal ranges BEFORE you can burn any significant amount of fat. Even if just ONE of these elements is out of sync, there's no way your body can utilize you unwanted fat efficiently. 

Each of these nutrients depress the metabolic rate so you cannot burn any serious amount of excess fat. Can you freeze water at 80 degrees? 

Calcium was the villain in my body 

I'm ashamed to say, my calcium problem was all my fault. I literally poisoned myself with the stuff. 

As I approached 40, I began to worry about my calcium intake. You can't pick up a magazine or newspaper without reading about the pressing need for increasing calcium in the diet once women reach this exalted age. 

I couldn't imagine myself a little old lady with a walker, trying to recover from that broken hip. The magazines said fossils like me needed calcium, right? So I drank milk by the quart. I never began a day without yogurt and I stuffed myself with Alaskan salmon at every opportunity. 

However, I did not realize my body's biochemistry was severely out of whack, a by product of four decades of fine dining, including a couple of years as food editor and restaurant critic for the now deceased Dallas Times Herald. This imbalance meant my body could not handle the massive influx of calcium it was suddenly receiving. My distorted endocrinology caused a metabolic disturbance which did not allow my body to utilize calcium properly. To be exact, too much copper caused me to deposit the calcium in my soft tissues. This short circuited my bones, which needed the nutrient desperately. 

The result: I was still osteoporotic (meaning I did not have enough calcium in my bones) but was making gall stones suitable for inscription in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

The Dangers of Too Much Calcium 

Six months after I added calcium rich foods to my diet, I made a routine trip to the dentist for a teeth cleaning. My annual X-ray showed an alarming loss of bone in my jaw. In fact, my four back molars were about to fall out. There wouldn't have been enough money under my pillow to pay for the $5,000 operation I needed to have my own teeth grafted back onto my jaw. In fact, I had lost so much bone, I had to buy bone from a bone bank to put my teeth back where they belonged. The surgery was more painful than child birth. To ease the pain, I was given six cc's of morphine intravenously along with a letter explaining why I couldn't pass a drug test for a year. 

I had a tissue mineral analysis (a test which measures all the body's biochemical nutrients) right after the surgery. Graphically, it pinpointed my calcium toxicity. I learned that when a nutrient is out of balance -- when you have either too much OR too little. I was losing bone because I had too much calcium, the same result as if I had too little. 

In addition to clearly defining my problem, the tissue mineral analysis (TMA) included an eating plan which removed all calcium from my diet. I sadly had to say good bye to lovely foods like salmon. Sugar had to go too, because sugar causes a chemical reaction which keeps in the tissues. I could savor only one piece of luscious cake a week. (Boo) 

The TMA also included foods which would force my system to precipitate the excess calcium. There is justice in the world. My TMA said I needed to eat more lobster, oysters and mussels. (Yum) 

Having too much calcium also caused another problem for me. It was keeping me fat! Calcium, you see, depresses metabolism. That meant no matter how hard I worked out or how correctly I ate, I could not burn enough fat to lose weight. It was biochemical impossible because my metabolism was too low. I had to solve my calcium imbalance before I could lose one ounce. 

"How long will it take to get thin?"
A.A. Milne in "Winnie The Pooh"  

"Let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due
season we shall reap if we do not lose heart."
Galations 6:9


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