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Tissue Mineral Analysis FAQs


  1. What is a TMA?

    A Tissue Mineral Analysis is a specialized lab test that charts a person's biochemistry. Based on the biochemistry, the lab produces a lengthy report which is an Owner's Manual to your body. This manual comes with a road map, that is, specific dietary guidelines to get you back into balance. The report tells you what to eat and what not to eat, how to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. The customized eating plan is designed to bring your body back into biochemical balance, which is where health begins.  

  2. Where are the TMA tests done? 

    There are six federally licensed clinical labs in America that have approval from the Department of Health and Human Services to perform this test. I use the lab closest to me in Dallas, Texas. There must be no labs in Europe, Scandinavia or South America, because a great number of the tests the Texas lab performs comes from international sources. 

  3. What tissues do you use? 

    The test is a tissue test. Any tissue except blood or waste will work. If someone has broken your heart, two tablespoons of heart will do. But hair is the easiest and most painless tissue to sample. So almost everyone sends hair.  

  4. Why can't you use blood or waste? 

    Waste is just that, waste. Blood, however, has just one critical role: to nourish your vital organs. Its chemistry must be kept constant at all costs. If you have a toxicity, say too much calcium, the blood will deposit the excess calcium elsewhere. If you have a deficiency, the blood will rob the tissues to maintain its chemistry. That's why changes in your mineral levels show up in your blood last. That also explains why your blood calcium levels can be normal but your hair calcium levels are toxic. If a toxicity shows up in your blood, you're in big trouble! 

  5. How is the test done? 

    The lab puts your hair in a test tube and douses it with hydrochloric acid, pepsin and bile, the juices in your stomach which digest protein. When the protein in your hair is digested, a white ash remains. This ash is run through $2 million worth of electro spectrographic equipment. It detects your "trace elements." 

    This is why it doesn't matter if you've had a perm or if you've put hair spray on your hair. Your "hair" is gone by the time it's time for the test. 

  6. My hair is colored. Or, I just had a perm. When can I have a TMA? 

    You must have three shampoos after a chemical treatment before you submit a hair sample. Also, mark the treatment on the TMA submittal form. Perming adds magnesium to the hair. Color treatments add iron. The lab needs to know this to calibrate your results accurately. 

  7. How long does it take to get my TMA results? 

    Two weeks. 

  8. When can I expect results? 

    That depends. Generally, if you are deficient, it's easy to take supplements and eat the right diet to add the nutrition you need. People who are deficient typically have speedy results. However, if you are toxic, it takes much, much longer. You have to get rid of the excess substance in every cell in your body naturally. This can take months. After I look at your TMA chart, I can guesstimate how long it will take to fix.... if you don't cheat! 

  9. Are there any immediate results? 

    Yes. After the first three weeks on the eating plan, you should feel a surge of energy. If you've had trouble sleeping, you'll be able to get a good night's sleep. Your skin should start glowing. People who have a TMA because they want to lose weight discover the change in their eating plan addresses all their medical challenges. 

    But, if your goal is to lose weight or get pregnant, you'll have to solve the underlying biochemical problem first. It took me 13 months to get rid of my calcium toxicity. When I finally got back to normal, I lost my weight in the next 90 days. Generally, you will achieve your goal in the first 90 days after your body gets back into balance. 

  10. How often can I have a TMA? 

    The lab will not allow you to have a test any sooner than 90 days. That means you can have the test four times a year. Once you get your body back into balance, once every six months is usually enough. 

  11. What does the test cost? 

    The basic TMA package is $125. We also have a deluxe TMA package for $165. Please see the order form for more details and options. 

  12. What does a TMA kit cost? 

    Nothing! They are free. Just e-mail me with your snail mail address and I'll send you one. 

  13. Can I get a TMA from my doctor? 

    Absolutely. These labs deal exclusively with physicians. My company is the only way a consumer can order the test directly. My customers have told me their physicians charge a lot more for the test. 

  14. What do I do if I have questions?  

    E-mail me ASAP. If I don't know the answer, I'll pose your questions to the physicians at the lab. We'll have an answer for you in 24 hours. 

  15. So what are you waiting for???? 


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