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Speed 2: Cruise Control - Can working on a computer really make you crazy? (July 1997)


For most of us plain folks, working with computers can drive you crazy. But the villain in Fox's Speed 2: Cruise Control actually went mad because his computer work poisoned him with copper.  

Moviegoers are now asking the question: Can "radiation" from a computer cause copper toxicity? Absolutely not, says Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, founder and CEO of Meltdown International Inc. Rosenthal reports receiving panicked email at her Web site, which has a special section on copper poisoning, since the movie's debut in June. 

"Copper toxicity actually is a major health problem in America," says Rosenthal, whose company markets a lab test that checks tissue copper levels. "But being near computers is not the cause." 

Here's how you REALLY get copper poisoning: 

  1. You drink water that's piped into your house with copper pipes.
  2. You take any form of birth control. (Or your mother took birth control and you inherited her toxicity.) Copper is the main ingredient in all forms of birth control other than abstinence.
  3. You eat foods that are high in copper. Chief culprits are chocolate, grapes, mushrooms, shrimp, peanut butter and bran flakes. (Check the PMS section for a complete list of high copper foods.)
  4. You swim in pools. Most pool owners use copper algaecides to sanitize the pool.
  5. You drink beer or white wine. Both are filtered with copper sulfides.
  6. You planted your tomatoes under a high voltage transmission tower. These towers use copper wires and copper ions do get into the soil. 

Will copper toxicity make your crazy? No. That's mercury poisoning. 

What will copper toxicity really do?  

  1. Make your hair fall out if you're a woman and speed the process if you are a man.
  2. Contribute to infertility in both sexes and cause problem pregnancies.
  3. Cause PMS, most of the hated symptoms of menopause or even stop menstruation altogether.
  4. Prohibit you from losing weight no matter what you do.
  5. Make you more vulnerable to viral infections. That's why zinc lozenges work so well when you have a cold.
  6. Give you gallstones.
  7. Lead to dyslexia.
  8. Cause osteoporosis. (Believe it or not, there are 30 causes of osteoporosis. Not having enough calcium is just one.)
  9. Make you depressed. 

Will leeches solve the problem? (The villain in the movie used leeches twice a day to rid himself of the excess copper in his body.) No way. The excess copper is deposited in every tissue in your body. Leeches, however, are a great solution if you are toxic with iron, because the iron excess resides in the blood. 

So how do you get rid of excess tissue copper? Eat more lean protein. That includes lean beef, pork, chicken and turkey without the skin, fish, shellfish, egg whites and beans. 

Also, eat foods high in zinc. (Once again, check the Web site for the list.) This will bring the copper/zinc ratio back into balance. 

Warning: When your body dumps copper, your skin breaks out in the areas where the excess copper was deposited. Most popular places are the face and back. This acne will last for the entire time your body is dumping copper. Could be as long as six months. 

It's good to know Hollywood has finally gotten the message that biochemical imbalances can cause trouble. They just need to get their diseases straight! 

P.S. What's true about the movie's scenario? Only one thing: Today's companies don't think twice about firing a sick person because they can quadruple the company's health insurance premiums.


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