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For Immediate Release
February 19, 1996 

Someone Is Making Money On The Web!
Meltdown's 1995 Revenues Jumped 165%
After Adding A Web Site In March 1995!


Dallas, Texas -- Yes, Virginia, someone is making real cash on the Internet. Meltdown International Inc., which sells a specialized medical lab test never before available to consumers, saw its 1995 revenues jump 165% over the 1994 figures after it added a Web site in March, 1995. Annual revenues jumped from $18,113 in 1994 to $47,932 in 1995. 

The only marketing change was the addition of a 1.5 megabyte Web site. The company's traditional advertising schedule has remained unchanged since March, 1993, according to Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, CEO. "I attribute 100 percent of that growth to the Internet," she says. 

If the last 60 days are any indication, that growth rate should continue. "December was the best December I've had in four years," says Rosenthal. This is significant, because one of Meltdown's big thrusts is weight loss. (If six biochemical nutrients are out of balance, it is impossible to burn fat.) "During the holidays, most people are too busy putting on pounds to worry about weight loss. But not this year," she says. 

In January, two businessmen who saw her Web site contacted her about joint ventures -- in France and in Singapore. Rosenthal hopes to have two overseas distributors covering Europe and Southeast Asia in place by the end of the second quarter, 1996. 

In the beginning, Rosenthal began posting to Usenet news groups in September, 1994 after self-publishing her first book, The Meltdown Diet and Cookbook: Learn How to Burn Fat 24 Hours A Day, Even While You Sleep. "I didn't have enough money left to put together a book tour, so I began offering advice in the news groups, with my book title in my signature line," Rosenthal recalls. By Christmas, Barnes & Noble approached her and asked to carry the book nationwide. "People must have gone to the book store looking for a copy. Until then, they were all in my garage," says Rosenthal, laughing. "But I saw the power of the Internet and what it could do for my business. 

" She applied for her own domain name in October, 1994. She had a very unsophisticated Web site ready by March 1, 1995. "I added the words, 'Visit us on the Internet' and included my Web site address in all my traditional advertising," she reports. 

At first, Meltdown had no cyber sales. However, Rosenthal noticed that potential prospects started asking fewer questions about her complicated lab test, which charts the person's biochemistry and then tells them how to change their eating habits to get back into balance. Soon, there were no questions. "I became an order taker instead of a salesperson," says Rosenthal. She estimates her Web site compressed her sales cycle 78%.  

Rosenthal believes her Web site created a credibility she had trouble building before she began doing commerce on the Internet. "Before I had a Web site, almost every asked me where I got my MD degree. I don't have an MD degree; I work with a lab full of MDs and PhDs. I'm sure I lost 60% of my potential customers because they just didn't believe me," she says.  

Since her Web site went on-line, "no one has asked me where I went to medical school," she reports incredulously. "I assume the site provides all the information they need to make an educated opinion about my program," she says. 

The entrepreneur says her site just shares information, although it does have an on-line order form. "I want to educate. I don't have enough computer skills to know how to entertain," she says.  

In January, 1996, Meltdown's cyber leads surpassed magazine leads for the first time. Rosenthal pays $45 a month to Intex, her Internet Service Provider, for her Web site. Her traditional advertising costs total about $1,500 per month. "And none of my ads are more than 1/12 of a page," she notes. "The Internet is by far more cost effective, although I'm sure one feeds the other." 

She is also beginning to enjoy some actual cyber sales. "So far, almost everyone has been willing to share his/her credit card number on the Net. I'm sure they feel comfortable because Intex, my ISP, has a secure server," she says.  

The story even has a happy ending. Rosenthal had a secure corporate job to fund the growth of her company, which she incorporated in June, 1994. Last Thanksgiving she was able to leave corporate America to run Meltdown full time. "Now I am living my dream. I want to make the world healthier -- one body at a time -- without chemical intervention. I believe the Web gave me the power to do that!" she says. 

P.S. Rosenthal insisits she is technologically challenged. She has a BA in American history from Yale University and a MS in business writing from the Columbia University in the City of New York's Graduate School of Journalism. "I know as little about computers as I do about cars. If I can make money on the Internet, anybody can!"


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