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How do you get rid of Heavy Metals?

A single mother called my Meltdown hotline and requested a Tissue Mineral Analysis for her and her daughter. The daughter was doing terribly in school. She couldn't remember her multiplication tables and was failing math. The funny thing was, the mother was having trouble remembering things, too.  

The mother, who is fluent in Spanish, has taken a job in Mexico when her daughter was an infant. She suspected living near a lead smelter in Mexico was causing these problems six years later. 

She was right. Both mother and daughter were both dangerously toxic with lead. 

After clients receive a copy of their Tissue Mineral Analysis Report, they often call me in a panic because they are toxic with aluminum or arsenic or mercury. They want to know how to precipitate these dangerous substances out of their tissues. 

That's what I'm going to tell you today. 

The first thing you need to know is toxic metals will stay in the body for a lifetime unless you do something to mobilize them. I learned that lesson the hard way. Unlike President Clinton, I not only smoked marijuana during my college years, but hey, I inhaled, too. I went to Yale during the revolution. Kent State, Viet Nam. I almost got arrested for protesting at a U.S. Air Force base during the Angela Davis trial which was held in New Haven, Connecticut, where Yale is located. And a big part of the Revolution was marijuana. 

But when I grew up, I quit. I haven't smoked a joint since 1973. When I had my first TMA in 1993, I was shocked to see I was toxic with a metal called strontium. I asked Dr. David Watts, my mentor and the man whose research forms the basis of my program, how could I possibly get this strange stuff in my system. He started to laugh. Strontium is a byproduct of marijuana smoke. The telltale residue was still there, 20 years later. (Maybe we should do a TMA on President Clinton and see if he really DID inhale!). Oops. 

One of the reasons I didn't get rid of my strontium was because I became a vegetarian for 10 years thereafter. Unfortunately, the body can't mobilize heavy metals unless you ingest an adequate amount of lean protein. The metals will "latch onto" the protein molecules. The protein molecules act as a transport system and move them from their storage areas in your soft tissues. They then flow through the digestive tract for excretion. 

Since I had given up all animal protein, the vegetarian protein wasn't enough to wrestle with my strontium deposits. So they just stayed there.  

Although this may be politically incorrect, you have to eat a moderate amount of animal protein if you are going to remove heavy metals from your tissues. But this can be lean protein; you don't have to cause your fat grams to skyrocket. I can't remember the last time I ate a greasy hamburger. But yesterday I had a 4 ounce porterhouse steak sans fat. 

Also, getting your body back into equilibrium will allow the heavy metals to attach to the proteins in your body. The medical term is "homeostatic equilibrium." If you are toxic with calcium or don't have enough iron -- a common scenario for American and Western European women -- it will be near impossible to mobilize those metals. Of course, a Tissue Mineral Analysis test will tell you exact what to eat to get your body back into balance. 

Here's some more bad news: Mobilizing and eliminating heavy metals will cause you discomfort. If it's copper, I'll guarantee you will break out with acne. (That's why women break out at menstruation; copper levels rise then.) You break out where the copper stores are being depleted. Could be around your mouth or neck or chest. If you're removing lead or iron and have arthritis, you will experience temporary flare-ups. Ouch. 

The key word here is temporary. The discomfort disappears when you've removed all the excess metal. 

If you are toxic with aluminum, it's probably because of your deodorant. Try to find one without aluminum. 

Finally, don't jump to conclusions. When I got my first TMA, I was oxic with arsenic. My ex-husband is a brilliant physician. We lived through the Dr. X case in Manhattan where a jealous doctor poisoned his competition's patients with hard to detect curare. I was certain Dr. Bob did the same to me with arsenic. As it turned out, the arsenic was in the tick spray I used for my yard! 

Freud once said, "ignorance is no excuse for dumb behavior". In the Meltdown interpretation of those words, ignorance is a choice we make to prevent ourselves from making difficult changes in our lives even though we really know better. Now you have no excuse not to get healthy!

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