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Metabolife and Metabolism:
A Basic Course in Endocrinology

Last week a woman emailed me most upset. After hearing the terrific testimonials on the radio, she purchased Metabolife. After a month of use, following the program exactly, she had gained 15 pounds. She was beating herself up: "What did she do wrong?" she asked me.  

The answer is important if you are serious about safe and permanent weight loss. Fortunately, the answer is simple: Unless you know which endocrine system rules in your body, you will never be able to know what to do to lose weight. A "healthy" food like broccoli could be making you fat! 

I know nothing about Metabolife. Experience has shown me that if you help your body do its thing naturally, those cells will work wonders. Your body is a marvelous example of Divine engineering. However, doing things naturally requires patience, not a 1990's virtue. 

There's nothing wrong with trying to speed things up a little if you do the due diligence on the products you're using. (Remember Phen-Fen?) So learning about Metabolife is up to you. However, I assume it is a substance that artificially speeds up the metabolism, which in turn helps the body burn more of that hated fat. I also assume Metabolife is designed for slow metabolizers because it is they who need their metabolisms boosted. 

That would be a good commercial move, since almost 80% of people on this planet are slow metabolizers. 

However, that means almost 20% of the population are fast metabolizers. Twenty percent is still a lot of people, especially if you are one of them. Metabolife will cause this group to continue to gain weight because they need to slow their metabolism to burn fat. I'll wager this is what happened to my caller. 

Your metabolic rate is controlled by your endocrine system. If your adrenal and thyroid glands don't work well enough, doctors call you "parasympathetic dominant." In lay language, this means you are a slow metabolizer. 

Conversely, if your adrenal and thyroid glands work too hard, you become a fast metabolizer because you are "sympathetic dominant." (Which has nothing to do with your empathy level ). How you lose weight depends entirely on your endocrine system. Slow metabolizers, for example, need to give up dairy products because these slow the metabolism even further. But they are the best possible foods for a fast metabolizer who needs to slow down. 

The same applies to grains. Cereals, pastas and breads speed up the metabolism. They are terrific foods for slow metabolizers but verboten for the fast group. 

As for broccoli, it is loaded with Vitamin A and calcium, nutrients much needed by fast metabolizers to cool their jets, but terrible for the slow metabolizers of the world because they are already too slow. 

Knowing what type you are produces results and cuts frustration in the weight loss arena. 

So how do you know for sure? The only way is to have a Tissue Mineral Analysis test or a lab hair test. Your endocrine pattern shows up clearly in all your cells, including your hair. 

But here are some general guidelines so you can make some educated guesses before you get your test results: 

Slow metabolizers have cold hands and feet. That's because their internal thermostats are set too low. They also put on weight in the thighs and hips. 

Fast metabolizers are always hot. That's because a fast metabolism produces heat. They tend to put on weight around the middle (assuming they don't drink a lot of beer!) 

So, here's the punch line. If you are a slow metabolizer, Metabolife, along with the Meltdown eating plan, should work brilliantly. But if you are a fast metabolizer, it won't help and could make things worse. 

Knowledge is power. Meltdown is here to help. 


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