Copper is a toxic metal that is ubiquitous in modern America. It keeps our swimming pools healthy and is a primary ingredient in popular birth control formulations. Beer and white wine use it in their production processes. Too much copper can hurt your beauty efforts. 

Too much copper causes oily skin, which can lead to adult acne. Women break out right before their periods because their estrogen levels rise. Copper levels in the body tends to move in tandem with estrogen. 

As many as 30 percent of women on birth control pills develop a dark pigmentation of the skin, usually around the face. Birth control pills can contain copper; if your body retains this copper, it may contribute to the pigmentation problem. Taking zinc capsules frequently solves the problem. 

Do you get white spots on your skin after you visit a tanning salon or spend a day at the beach? Excess copper is the culprit. It combines with the sunlight to create the spots. 

Does you skin sag? Has it lost its elasticity? Vitamin C is essential to maintain skin elasticity. Elevated copper levels reduce the vitamin C content of the skin, causing a loss of normal skin tone. This is one reason why many of the cosmetic companies are adding Vitamin C to their formulas. 

Is your hair falling out? You can thank elevated levels of estrogen and copper for that. This is why hair loss is common during the third trimester of pregnancy; at that time copper and estrogen levels are at their highest to grow the baby. (Men who are balding lose their hair faster if they are toxic with copper.) 

Copper also causes brittle and thin nails. You can make your nails stronger by adding zinc and sulfur supplements to your diet; these will make your nails tougher than using gelatin. 

Grapes, chocolate, avocados, almonds, walnuts, white wine, beer, and soy protein like tofu are high in copper. Birth control pills (which may contain copper) and IUDs (which are usually made of copper) are another cause of copper toxicity. People who spend a great deal of time in swimming pools can become toxic with copper, since the metal is a common algicide. 

Copper pipes can also be the villain, because they can leach the metal into the drinking water. Insecticides and pesticides (do you spray your yard for fleas?) are another common source of copper. 

Having too little copper can create difficulties, too. It can contribute to excessive facial hair. 

Today, we are just six years away from the 21st century. Using just two tablespoons of any tissue in your body except blood, medical science can produce a detailed report which pinpoints your biochemistry. The report, called a Tissue Mineral Analysis, will chart your toxicities and deficiencies as well as tell you exactly what to eat and what supplements to take to look your very best. 

Following the customized eating plan and swallowing only the vitamins you need may require more of a commitment than using eye creams, thigh cremes or moisturizer. But it is a much more effective path to beauty. You actually can achieve the results you want because that's how your body works. You become beautiful from the inside out, not the other way around. Age is not the determining factor. 



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