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If you read women's magazines, you'd believe every woman over 40 is suffering from a calcium deficiency. Actually, many women over 40 are really toxic with calcium. That's because they have a metabolic problem which places calcium in their soft tissues, where it can cause problems, instead of their bones, where it is needed. Excess calcium in the body's soft tissues can wreak havoc on looking good. 

If the body has too much calcium, it can form calcium deposits. Calcium in the fingernails make them so soft they tear instead of break. 

Calcium accumulation in the skin is a major contributor to wrinkling and premature aging. Calcium causes wrinkles by inhibiting the normal moisture content of the skin. The cells actually dry up and starve for water, producing the wrinkling effect. You may have water retention and still wrinkle. That's because the water is between the cells and not inside them. This is exactly what happens to you after spending several hours in a swimming pool; even though you have been immersed in water, the skin dehydrates and wrinkles. 

"If your skin is showing premature signs of aging, look to your diet to help retard the aging process and ward off the adverse effects of past dietary indiscretions," says Dr. Watts. "Proper diet is essential for a healthy, youthful appearance at any age." 

Women with excess calcium often discover their eyes start looking old. This is caused by calcium deposits in the soft tissues around the eyes. 

Do you have any hated cellulite in buttocks and thighs? These unsightly blobs are caused by excess calcium deposits combined with the body's inability to utilize fats properly. Precipitating that calcium from the soft tissues goes a long way in fighting cellulite. 

Dr. Watts suggests removing calcium from the diet -- no dairy products or calcium fortified fruit juices. Mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower -- foods rich in vitamins A and D -- also keep calcium in the cells. Salmon and herring are also no-nos, since they are high calcium fish. 

Women with these beauty problems should avoid these foods until their bodies detoxify by slowly eliminating their calcium stores. The body precipitates these out through body wastes, hair and finger nails. Their eyes and thighs should look better when the calcium gets under control. 

Of course, many women have calcium deficiencies. Too little calcium causes deep groves or depressions running across the nail -- in addition to brittle bones.

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